You may have noticed the note on my business card to "Plant this card!"

My cards are printed on 100% recycled paper which has a mix of wildflower seeds mixed in during the paper-making process. If you plant my card, you will have a beautiful batch of flowers growing in no time!

To plant the card:

  • Soak the card in paper overnight.
  • Plant the card in loose soil, about 0.25 inches down
  • Water well and frequently, especially in the first 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Please note: While your annuals will bloom in the first year, most perennials will not!

The seed mix includes:

Five Spot | Candytuft | Baby Blue Eyes | Siberian Wallflower | Scarlet Flax | Zinnia | Sweet William Pinks | Corn Poppy | Spurred Snapdragon | Catchfly | English Daisy | Black-Eyed Susan


Many of these are bee favorites, so consider planting them outdoors if you have the option and help support our pollinators!

Please send pictures of your sprouted cards and flowers, I'd like to share them here in the future.