I am an Anarchist. Not the cartoonish, rioting, bomb-throwing anarchist of the media, but the quiet, productive Anarchist who seeks freedom through education and the reclamation of the means of living. I approach designing and making as political acts, empowering people to break the rules of consumerism. Through the process of designing and making clothing and other textiles, I redefine the aesthetics of natural living and radical politics to dispel the idea of what "eco" lifestyles and Anarchists look like.

I have been wondering lately if craft is something that can exist except as a critique of capitalism; can craft exist in a world without capitalism? I begin to believe that perhaps craft can be thought of as an alternative form of life—one in which a person is fully engaged in the joyful creation of their own life.

I am interested in the insidiousness of usable objects: How can an object invite, reinforce or even create behaviors and relationships? Handmade objects are a useful antidote to increasingly less tactile tools and more tenuous connections to making.

April 2018



Laurin C Guthrie was born amongst the tall trees in 1989. Some call that place Palo Alto. Today, she is a textile designer and maker based in Oakland, California.